The People’s Organization for Progress (POP) is an independent, grassroots, community based, politically progressive association of citizens working for racial, social and economic justice and greater unity in the community.

What is its Purpose?
The main purpose of POP is to work for the immediate improvement of conditions in our community and the fundamental transformation off this country towards a more just society.

What are the Goals of POP?
The goals of POP include the elimination of racism, inequality, poverty, sexism, unjust economic exploitation, all forms of social oppression, degradation, human misery, suffering and injustice.

When was POP Founded?
POP was founded in August of 1983. It grew out of the struggles of the African-American community during the late sixties and seventies for justice.

What are Some of the Activities of POP?
POP has organized marches, demonstrations, vigils, rallies, public meetings, petition drives, letter writing campaigns and press conferences around various issues. It has conducted voter registration, held conferences and educational forums, sponsored cultural activities including observances of the birthdays of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr., organized bus trips to national events and marches. Representatives of POP have made presentations before various government agencies and legislative bodies.

POP and the Fight Against Police Brutality
In recent years, POP has been particularly active around the issue of police brutality. It has waged a vigorous fight for justice of Earl Faison who died within 45 minutes after being wrongfully taken into custody by police in Orange, NJ. POP has conducted community surveys on police performance and is currently campaigning for independent citizen controlled police review boards with subpoena powers for police forces at the state and local levels.

What are Other Issues that POP Organized Around?
Besides police brutality, POP has been active on many other issues over the years. POP has supported the struggle for equal funding of public schools in our urban areas, was actively involved in the anti-apartheid movement for the liberation of South African, has raised the issue of reparations for African Americans whose ancestors were the victims of slavery, and the need for a national slavery memorial, has supported the struggle for democracy in Haiti, has marched against white supremacists in Morristown, called for lifting the embargo against Cuba, supported the struggle to free Mumia Abu-Jamal, called for the U.S. government to stop bombing Vieques, Puerto Rico, and campaigned against the flying of the Confederate flag.

What Else is POP Fighting For?
POP supports the struggle for quality education and better schools for our children, affordable day care, universal health care, affordable housing and for safe and clean neighborhoods, increases in the minimum wage and a living wage for all working people, human rights, reparations, civil rights, affirmative action, voting rights, college education that is affordable and open to all, a fairer and more equitable system of taxation, lower property taxes for homeowners, and lower prices for gasoline, home heating oil and natural gas.

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