On Saturday, August 27th, the Peoples Organization for Progress (POP) will go to Washington, DC to honor Dr. Martin Luther King and the new national memorial monument erected in his name by participating in a major national march for jobs!

The organization’s bus will leave Lincoln Park in Newark at 6a.m. Tickets for the bus are $40.00 and are going fast! Anyone interested
in going on the bus must call 973 801 0001 or 973 809 4604.

“We wish we were going to honor a national triumph over poverty, racism and militarism in Dr. King’s name,” explained POP chairman.

“Instead we have to go and fight the same fight at a time when the country is in three unpopular conflicts, when job loss and poverty are
hemorrhaging and when racism is still stalking the national order like a violent ghost,” he finished.

The unveiling and establishment of the national monument is being done to also honor and observe the 48th anniversary of the epic March On Washington, which took place on August 28, 1963, and nationally mobilized every facet of the Civil Rights Movement.

Saturday’s march for jobs organized by labor, clergy and civil rights proponents will be the weekend’s first highlight. President Barack Obama, the country’s first African-American president, now facing serious critical scrutiny on all of these issues, will participate in a ceremony on Sunday, August 28th and will be the weekend’s second

For more information on the national monument, go to

Meanwhile, Saturday will also mark day 61of POP’s People’s Daily Action for Peace, Jobs, Equality and Justice! POP is committed to hosting the Daily Action everyday for 381 days in honor of the historic Montgomery Bus Boycott and to address the draconian local, state and federal policies currently harming the national order!
Persons who cannot go to Washington for the national rally are encouraged to participate in the action on Broad and Market at 12 noon.

For more information on POP activities, please call 973 801 0001 and can go to

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