On Wednesday, July 12th, the People’s Organization for Progress will lead a Memorial March to observe the 50th anniversary of the epic Newark Rebellion!
          The March, launching a series of events that will be held that week to observe the Rebellion’s anniversary, will begin at 4:30pm.
          It will start from the Rebellion Memorial, 250 Springfield Avenue, between Hayes Street and Irvine Turner Boulevard.
          On July 12th, 1967, in the aftermath of the savage spectacle police beating of an African American cab driver John Smith, many Newark residents tired of that abuse rose up and rebelled.
          The Rebellion was met with harsh military repression leaving 21 of the 26 people who died in the uprising dead at the hands of police or military forces.
          However, the Rebellion also inspired an organizing drive of legendary dimensions that led to the end of urban segregation in New Jersey’s largest city, with the election of Ken Gibson as Mayor on June 16th, 1970. It also inspired and ushered in a new national wave of electing Black officials unseen since the Reconstruction Era.
          Pivotal to that activity and just days after state and federal military forces pulled out of Newark, was the National Black Power Conference that took place from July 20th-July 23rdat the Episcopal Cathedral House Church located downtown at Broad and Rector Street. It was led by Amiri Baraka, still bandaged and recovering from a brutal beating from the police himself, and the late activist educator and minister Nathan Wright…
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