Police Brutality

No Indictment for Officer In Death of Unarmed Driver (The NY Times)

December 22, 2001

”We’re outraged but not surprised, because that’s what happens when you have these local county investigations,” Mr. Hamm said.

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Verdict Brings Tears of Joy To Beating Victim’s Family (The NY Times)

December 20, 2000

”The truth came out,” said Ms. Williams, the stepmother of Earl Faison, the innocent man who died after being beaten and being squirted with pepper spray in police headquarters in Orange, N.J. ”You can’t hide the truth.”

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Why No State Police Reform From Whitman? Growing Coalition Calls for Independent Auditor & Civilian Complaint Review Board for State Police

July 13, 1999

On July 13, 1999-thirty years after an incident of police brutality helped spark the Newark riots-a broad coalition of organizations called upon Governor Whitman to make the State Police accountable to independent bodies, not just the Attorney General’s office. The organizations included the ACLU-NJ, Black Ministers Council, NJ Coalition Against Police Brutality, NJ Lesbian and Gay Coalition, and People’s Organization for Progress.

The NJ NAACP has since joined the call for real reform, and other organizations that want to end bigotry and bad policing are encouraged to contact the ACLU-NJ.

“A civilian complaint review board and an outside auditor will ensure that the State fulfills its promise of a new, improved State Police force,” said Rev. Dwight Gill of the Black Ministers Council. “Without those mechanisms, the public will continue—with good reason—to doubt the integrity of the State Police.”

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Preparing for the Worst: Knowing Your Rights And Getting Your Day in Court After Police Brutality

Preparing for the Worst: Knowing Your Rights And Getting Your Day in Court After Police Brutality
January 1, 1999

A Guide from the American Civil Liberties of New Jersey on What You Should Do If You Are a Victim of Police Brutality

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